Italian Hardy


Steel and Carbide Hardies- Imported from Italy

The steel hardy is a cutting workhorse in the mosaic studio. It is used for chopping all sorts of stone, glass and marble. The steel hardy has a softer edge than it's carbide cousin, making it a lot more forgiving and easy to sharpen when it gets nicked and/or dull.

Carbide while prized for it's hardness holds an edge much longer than steel, however it is brittle, more fragile and therefore susceptible to chipping or breaking. I DO NOT RECOMMEND carbide for beginners.

Both are easily sharpened using the appropriate grinding wheel.

Single Hardy - is typically installed in a stable base ie, 6x6 post or tree stump. 

  • Steel
  • Carbide

Tabletop Hardy - or 'traveling hardy' is easy to take with you where ever you go. It also requires a sturdy table upon which to sit. NEW!!! Steel with nylon base. This style gives you the option to continue to cut your tesserae off the hardy. Trim, shape and texturize right on the nylon side of the base.

  • Steel
  • NEW!! Steel with Nylon 
  • Carbide

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