Italian Hammer

Italian Hammer

Hammers are used for cutting glass (smalti), stone and marble. The combination hammers we sell are available in three weights and have both a steel and carbide tip with a hardwood handle.

Which hammer should I get is a common questions. The general rule is... always choose the lightest hammer for the job. That said, if you only have one hammer choose that one! But, eventually, as you continue to grow in your enthusiasm for mosaic you will soon have a collection of hammers to choose from. Our advice, start with the heaviest.

Get comfortable and familiar with it. Experiment, play, cut lots of different materials, then decide if you'd like something lighter.

450g is the lightest hammer; best for texturizing and cutting smaller, softer material

750g is the mid-weight hammer; a good all around weight for most material

950g this is the heaviest hammer, the one we all learn on and a staple for every mosaic studio; it's best for cutting larger, thicker, harder material


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