About us

It wasn’t long after I started taking a mosaic class at The Chicago Mosaic School that it became clear to me... finding many, if not all of the basic tools and supplies needed for making mosaics in one place was near to impossible, despite living in metropolitan Chicago! Of course, it was possible to shop online for most all of these items but… when you are inspired… when you HAVE to get started NOW… waiting is NOT an option! Plus, have you ever tried buying something based on its color or texture from a computer? At best it’s a crapshoot!

I am pretty sure that I am no different than you... you need, want and like immediate gratification. You have to see, touch, feel and compare everything; its features, the colors and texture. You have questions. You want answers. You need information and clarification. Because of this, I created TINY PIECES, Chicago’s only retail source for Mosaic Tools & Supplies... all in one place!

As fulfilling as the past, almost three years, has been since opening the retail shop in a space I share with The Chicago Mosaic School, I've been encouraged by many who visit to expand the website to sell what I sell in the little retail shop on the internet. Consequently, I do this with some trepidation because of the very nature of the online shopping beast. It’s the ‘what you see is NOT always what you get’ syndrome. That said, you might ask… why am I doing this? My answer is simply this… to help you in any way I can!

This is what Tiny Pieces - Mosaic Tools & Supplies is all about… helping you!

I look forward to it.