Lustre Glass

PLEASE NOTE: The photographs here do not capture the true beauty, color and nuance of this glass.

Lustre glass was first produced in the United States by Louis Comfort Tiffany during the late 1800s. He established a unique method of glassmaking treating glass with metallic oxides such as gold, silver and platinum that absorbed into the glass and created a luxurious iridescent surface effect.

This glass making process produces extraordinary glass. Its pearl like surface is delicately iridescent, intensely rich with vibrant colors and soft subtle variations. It sounds like a contradiction but it's not.

Lustre glass has a complex appearance. It's pearl like surface is never smooth and mirror like, but is imperfect. It has the texture of fine grain leather, it has wrinkles, ripples, creases along with other beautiful imperfections. The rolled or live edge has a special quality and intensity of its own. 

No two pieces are quite the same. Each is unique no matter what colorway you choose. You could order two of the same color and they could look completely different. Each is a little pieces of art itself.

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