Toyo Glass Cutter

Toyo cutters live up to their name. Developed 30 years ago, these cutters outlast others by up to 25 times! Avaiable in three styles.

No matter which style cutter you choose the brass oil cap (at the back of each handle) should be opened 1/2 turn to improve oil flow to the cutting blade. Don't forget to re-tighten the cap to store. For lubrication we recommend using a very light weight synthetic cutting oil such as water soluble GAI Cutting Oil.

  • The Pencil style Comfort Grip cutter is a lightweight tool with a slim handle making it easy to hold.
  • The Pistol-Grip cutter provides greater leverage allowing you to score glass for hours with little hand fatigue and is especially good for those of you that suffer with carpel tunnel or arthritis. Great for beginners or those with limited hand and finger strength.

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