Wedi Products

Founded 30 years ago and manufactured in Germany WEDI specializesåÊin waterproof, directly tile-able building panels for the construction industry but in recent years has been embraced by the mosaic artist as a lightweight substrate. The 3'åÊx 5'åÊ(15 sq ft) panel is anåÊextruded polystyreneåÊ(Styrofoam) core sandwiched between two skins ofåÊmodified cement resin coated (mortar) fiberglass. WEDI is available in both 1/4" and 1/2" thickness. The weight of aåÊ3' x 5' panel variesåÊdue to it's thickness, 1/4" = 8.07 lb, 1/2" = 8.67 lb

We sell WEDIåÊby the panel and/or by whole square foot. Store pick up only. Unfortunately...WE DO NOT SHIP WEDI PANELS.

Other WEDI products we sell include WEDI WASHERS. These are crucial to use for hanging wedi panels either permanently on a surface or temporarily, say as a

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